A Special Message In Ramadan

Every month will leave memories and messages about the lesson in life, no exception in this special month, Ramadhan. In this blessed month, there are so many ramadan messages that we can get throughout the days that we passed by. The messages and impressions that we had in Ramadan would never be forgotten.

It would be difficult to forget the memories and messages which we got from our parents and family, especially in this month. The moment that we spent with our big family before the celebration of the Eid is something that could not be judged by the material such as money. Some of the families even spend hours and they go for miles just to visit their other families who live out of town. All good and commendable things will appear in this graceful month.

Everybody will compete to do good things and leave the bad things as they pass the day in the holy month of Ramadan. Children undergo their fasting at school and they will get an unforgettable experience. They will tell each other about their fasting experiences in the month of Ramadan. They will also talk about their vacation plans with their families after they pass the Ramadan. They will love the view that they will see on the way to their hometown. They also want to tell their friends at school about their beloved grandparents who will prepare special foods for them when Eid.

All the golden moments that they will go through on a holiday will be the main topic of their stories at school. They will also tell about the gifts from their parents when they succeed in fasting in Ramadan. There are some joys that will happen in the holy month of Ramadan. There are too many meaningful messages that will never be forgotten.